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/// Annie Rose Hanson

Annie Rose Hanson is a multi-disciplined Fine Artist based in Alexandria, Virginia.
Graduated with honors from the BFA program at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.
Annie has shown her work in both Maryland and D.C.

Exploring the relationships between food culture and society is the main focus for Annie's current body of work.

The air perfumed with the smell of bread baking, eyes tearing up from chopping onions for dinner, the sore muscles from making massive quantities of food production. My inspiration comes from firsthand observations of the relationships between cooks and consumers. Comparing and contrasting the two worlds of restaurant and home, consumers' unawareness of who prepares their food, and the act of sharing between family and friends are some of the reoccurring themes in my performances and installations. My intention is to make the viewer rethink their perception of the role that food plays in everyday life


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